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Author Jeffrey Chappell Interviewed At The Library Of Congress

On July 22, 2014, Jeffrey Chappell was interviewed by Grace Cavalieri at the Library of Congress for her radio program, “The Poet and The Poem”. The event included Jeffrey reading excerpts from “Answers From Silence”, his groundbreaking international bestseller about spiritual enlightenment. The interview will be broadcast on National Public Radio stations throughout the United States for an indefinite period of time.

GraceCavalieriAround the same time, Jeffrey was also interviewed by Reverend Patricia Brooks, Kristi Borst, and Rose Rosetree. You can find descriptions of these events and links to them at this website on the “Video” page.


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One Response to “Author Jeffrey Chappell Interviewed At The Library Of Congress”

  1. diane heath says:

    Best interview yet!

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