Answers From Silence Becomes An International Bestseller

March 10, 2014
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chart2During the first week of March, 2014, Answers From Silence became a multiple international bestselling book on

Answers From Silence reached bestseller rankings in Kindle and paperback in the United States, as well as Number One ranking on Kindle in Canada, Number One ranking in France, and bestseller rankings in Italy and the United Kingdom.

The book launch included the simultaneous release of an iPhone app with quotes from the book, which is apparently a first-time marketing event.

The app, Enlightening Inspirational Quotes, contains 200 quotes from Answers From Silence and the writings at

quotes-brown1024-premiumThe quotes app is also apparently the first of its type to have a music soundtrack. The music on Enlightening Inspirational Quotes is a recording of me, Jeffrey Chappell, playing one of my own solo piano compositions, “Candlelight”. Pianists, the sheet music is available here.

Thanks to everyone who has helped to make Answers From Silence an international bestseller and to make Enlightening Inspirational Quotes a success!