Ask Your Enlightened Self

June 25, 2010

I was meditating in my office one day when a knock came at the door, which I did not answer under the circumstances. I heard from that person later, who said, “Didn’t you know it was me? What good is all of that enlightenment if you can’t tell who’s on the other side of a door?”

The answer is that I am not a professional psychic. I’m just a music teacher.

A psychic has psychic gifts. A musician has musical gifts. Other people have all of the other diverse gifts that are needed to run our society.

Part of the message of Answers From Silence is that enlightenment visits people in all walks of life, whatever their gifts are. But we have persistent ideas of what it means to be enlightened, and that often includes being endowed with clairvoyant powers.

Not necessarily.

Sometimes I’ll be in a conversation with someone and they’ll ask, “Jeffrey, what does your Enlightened Self say about my problem?”

One way that I can respond to questions like these is to quote from Answers From Silence. With chapters on career, relationships, personal growth, metaphysics, spirituality, and enlightenment, spanning a time period of seventeen years, it covers over one hundred topics (see “Topic Listings” above), probably including the one they are asking about.

However, the real response is to turn it back to the questioner and to reply, “What does your Enlightened Self say?”

Your own Enlightened Self is tailor-made to you. The answers that you get from your Enlightened Self will be the best answers possible, tuned in to your greatest evolutionary need at the time of your asking, and phrased in the language that communicates the most clearly and directly to you about your question.

To say the least, I highly recommend it.

It’s true that I did get answers for other people from my Enlightened Self sometimes. The section in the book on “Couples” is an example.

But in any case, I can’t help you in exactly that way any more. The dialogues between me and my Enlightened Self ended when we blended. There aren’t two of me now. There is only one.

And when you cross the line too, enlightenment won’t turn you into a psychic wizard. It’s something different, and much better, than that. It will turn you on to the total human dimension of your existence.