Enlightened Agreement

May 31, 2011

“I did read your book. Of course, I didn’t agree with everything in it.”

The spirit in which the person said this to me was that some things in Answers From Silence didn’t jibe with her own positions on various issues. She viewed the information in the book in the context of forming opinions and defending them.

It’s true that Answers From Silence addresses some controversial subjects, including abortion, extraterrestrials, sexuality, and God. Just click on the “Topic Listings” tab at the top of this screen to see the whole list.

But the things that I wrote in it were not arrived at by following a line of reasoning, by winnowing facts, or by building cases. I was not trying to represent the opposing side of an intellectual debate or to convince you to change your views to fit mine.

I didn’t write Answers From Silence for you to agree with it.

I wrote Answers From Silence in case the information could be of help to you. There might be a zinger in there that is just the thing you need to hear at a particular moment. Something that could clear your path or resolve your confusion. Something that will fit into the existing stream of your thoughts and divert them to a more fulfilling direction.

And I wrote it so that you would have a model of the interaction between a person and his Enlightened Self. The message of this model is that it can be done, and that you could benefit from cultivating the same sort of interaction. That’s why there are how-to instructions in the book.

Once you get going with that, I expect that you will find, as I said elsewhere on this website, that the answers you get from your Enlightened Self will be the best answers possible, tuned in to your greatest evolutionary need at the time of your asking, and phrased in the language that communicates the most clearly and directly to you about your question.

Then we won’t need to agree about anything.