Inside the Book

Everybody wants answers.

What would it be like to have access to an all-knowing being to get answers about your daily life, the meaning of life, and everything in between? Answers From Silence describes that experience. It is the record of one person’s dialogues with the Enlightened Self, which is the part of each of us that has all the answers we need. You can communicate with your own Enlightened Self using the information in this book.

One day, sitting quietly, the author received a message from his Enlightened Self. He learned to converse with it and to assimilate its wisdom. As his Enlightened Self revealed one answer after another, he felt his awareness evolve from a narrow personal focus to a cosmic viewpoint of timeless existence.

Table of Contents with Sample Excerpts

Although its theme of enlightenment is ageless, Answers From Silence delivers fresh insights on problems of daily life in the 21st century. You can dip into it for answers on everything from money to food, from relationships to health, and from reincarnation to September 11. The broad range of topics means that there’s something here for every reader, and the clarity and conciseness of the answers can eliminate your confusion in a few words.

This candid and very human account will help you to find your own answers to life’s questions and to accelerate your growth toward enlightenment. It is a multi-dimensional book that will appeal to people in different stages of spiritual learning. Answers From Silence can be read again and again.