The Law Of Attraction—And Beyond

January 29, 2012

The law of attraction is getting a high profile these days. Many books have been written about it and many people are making use of it, and with apparently effective results sometimes.

The law of attraction is: like attracts like. The idea is that you can manifest things into your life through your thoughts. If you think positive things, you will attract positive things, and if you think negative things, you will attract negative things.

I am not discounting the possibility of this. After all, Answers From Silence says, “You are a magnet for everything in your life.” This statement seems to agree with the law of attraction.

But Answers From Silence is a map of the unfolding evolution of consciousness. As the author’s consciousness evolved, things in one chapter could be superseded by something in a later chapter.

And in another article on this website, “Your Life Story And Beyond”, I wrote that the enlightened experience is that your life is not yours.

In that case, the statement, “You are a magnet for everything in your life,” stops being true when your life stops being yours.

And there is still something more to it.

The enlightened experience is not that you attract things to yourself. That is because nothing comes toward you.

Instead, something comes from you. It comes from you at all times and goes out in all directions. The direction of the flow is outward, like light from the sun. It’s the law of radiance.

Under these conditions, attracting things isn’t a concern. Experience is not defined by getting. It is defined by overflowing. This is a result of wholeness.

By contrast, if you feel incomplete and like there is something outside of yourself that will complete you, then you will feel the need to attract something to yourself.

But perhaps you just want to attract enlightenment.

If so, that is a good sign. About enlightenment, Answers From Silence says, “When you are pushing toward it, you are misperceiving. It is actually pulling you.”

In that case, what you really want is for enlightenment to attract you.