What Does Enlightenment Look Like?

February 3, 2010

My web designer has suggested that I choose some images to illustrate my blog posts on the topic of spiritual enlightenment.

There is just a slight problem with this. Enlightenment itself doesn’t have a particular look. At the same time, it can be seen in everything. I could either put up no image at all, or as an equally valid approach, I could put up any image.

After all, Answers From Silence regards over one hundred topics from the viewpoint of the Enlightened Self, the part of us that is already enlightened and has all the answers we need. This blog will continue in like fashion, and that will suggest images to go with it.

However, it’s not that enlightenment looks a certain way. Instead, it is a certain way of looking at things.

That does not mean that it is the same as following a new line of thinking to arrive at a different perspective on life. That is what I would call rearranging the furniture of your mind. It has nothing to do with thinking.

Instead, it has to do with knowing. It is the knowing of who you truly are, a knowing that you carry at all times.

If we were to meet in person, I might say that, at that moment, what enlightenment looks like is you. Until then, I will hope to meet you here from time to time.