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God In Disguise

The greeting, “Namaste” has been translated as “I bow to the God within you.” When you use this salutation, you…

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Spiritual Success

I have ended up on several New Age email lists. They send announcements telling me that there is something that…

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The Tyranny Of Thought

If you are seeker on a spiritual path, thoughts might seem to stand in the way of your evolution. Thoughts…

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Why I Am “Never Better”

If someone asks, “How are you?”, I reply, “Never better.” And sometimes they ask, “Why?” Meaning, “What wonderful thing happened…

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Answers From Silence: An Interview

Answers From Silence was published in the Czech language by the Eugenika publishing house in the Slovak Republic last week…

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This Will Change Your Life

“This will change your life.” It’s a phrase that you hear in advertising all of the time. The question for…

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First-Hand Enlightenment

Consider the following statement: “The world is just maya—it’s all an illusion.” It’s one thing to remind yourself of this…

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Your Life Story—And Beyond

I heard a woman talking about building her whole life as an homage to her deceased husband. She bought a…

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The Meaning of Being

When a certain celebrity came to my hometown a couple of decades ago, I had an exciting opportunity to be…

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The Triumph of Enlightenment

A loyal reader sent in this question: “When injustice seems to triumph, how do you handle it as an enlightened…

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The “Mr. Enlightenment” Interview, Part Three

Dear Readers: This is the final follow-up to the article on this website titled, “The Mr. Enlightenment Interview”, where Rose…

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The Mayan Calendar And The End Of The World

There’s a big deal being made out of the fact that there exists a Mayan calendar that seems to end…

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How To Find A Piece Of Enlightenment

A lot of classic stories have been told that are variations on the same theme: someone searches for something and…

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