Enlightenment is the shift of identity from that which is bound by time and space to that which is eternal. It is the fulfillment of the growth of consciousness. And it isn’t something that comes only to legendary historical figures. Your enlightenment is inevitable, and it could even happen in this lifetime. Everyone is on their path of enlightenment, and everything that happens in a person’s life is their path of enlightenment. The only difference between some people and others is that they know this.

Everyone has an Enlightened Self. It is the part of you that already is enlightened, already knows peace, and already has attained the goal of your evolution. As you seek out your Enlightened Self, your state of consciousness rises to approach its level. Finally, you inhabit that level, and the difference between you and your Enlightened Self evaporates. Uniting with your Enlightened Self is the completion of your quest.

Not everyone has consciously interacted with their own Enlightened Self, although there are many ways of doing so. Traditional methods include visualization and types of divination such as the I Ching. However, just mentally conversing with your Enlightened Self is much more easy, direct, and unambiguous. The section at the end of this book called “How To Talk With Your Enlightened Self” lays out simple steps for doing this. You don’t go into a trance nor do you channel spirits. The only voice you hear is the sound of your own thoughts. And no interpretation is required.



You’re saying that I create my own financial situation out of my beliefs about money. One belief is that it isn’t always right to take money from people, even though I’ve earned it. It makes it seem as if I did something only for money, not for the enjoyment of it.

“Money is a mirror. It carries the energy put into it. Money can be full of love, or hate, or greed, or anything. Like a vessel. Like a clear quartz crystal. The user programs the money. Money itself is not one thing. It reflects its user. If you are given money in love, then accept the love. Otherwise, don’t take it.”

I thought it was more blessed to give freely without getting paid.

“It would be unnatural for something to flow out without something coming in. Nature abhors a vacuum. Until you reach Godhood, you must flow in when you flow out. So know that if you do a service and get paid, love has flowed out and then in again. And that your love, in the form of that money, will again flow out to someone else. Your desire should be to create a huge FLOW.”


I never seem satisfied with the success that I do have.

“What makes you think you should be satisfied? You must move ever onward.”

Is there a particular person who will be linked to my professional success?

“Yes. That is you. You are sold on yourself and that will sell you.”

People sometimes advise me to advance my career by doing things that don’t fit my nature and which don’t feel right for me. Should I force myself to change my nature, change my mind, adapt and adjust?

“You already know the answers to all of that. Why not just acknowledge your knowledge?”

What will my future be? Will I have a great career?

“You have a great career as a human being. This is your first and only true career.”



I can’t figure people out sometimes.

“You don’t need to understand people. You just need to love them. Love is superior to understanding. It is its own kind of understanding, the highest form of understanding.”

In that case, why should I bother asking any of these questions?

“It is your nature. Love that fact also.”


My friend Linda said and did several things that have deeply upset me. What do I need to know right now to reduce my anger toward her?

“Know her as yourself. We are her, you are her. She is just a signpost.”

What is this signpost indicating?

“The limits of your love.”

What does that mean?

“As you say, your love cannot reach her. But actually that is all you feel for her.”

What steps can I take to relieve my feelings?

“Truly love her.”

How can I do that?

“Regardless of any action. There is no other Linda. There is only this one. Let the sun shine on her.”



I have spent a lot of time examining my inner conflicts and issues. Is there a piece of information that I need now to move forward and resolve things?

“You must be willing to move without things being resolved. Constant change, the nature of life, means that things are rarely neatly finished off or certain. The fact is, you cannot predict or control. You can move only by moving with. Control can only truly happen during involvement, not through detachment or prediction. Go and do.”

What is the solution to my inner conflicts?

“Bold action and results. It is not necessarily true that you have to be straightened out inside before you can perform action.”


Why am I concerned about having people’s respect?

“To maintain your illusion.”

Which illusion?

“Of being special.”

Am I not special?

“More that you can imagine, and certainly more than your illusion gives you credit for.”

Why do I need this illusion?

“You don’t.”

Why do I hold onto it?

“Misguided thinking.”

What is the correct thinking?

“Other people’s respect is undependable.”

So what can I depend on?

“God’s love. Even when you don’t love or understand yourself, and when others don’t understand or respect you.”



When I became the practitioner of the MariEl healing method, my teacher assigned various angels to me and to her other students as part of our training. There are a lot of people who write books about angels and who come up with their own definitions of what angels are and how angels operate. Are their ‘angels’ the same as the ones that have been assigned to me?

“Some people create their illusion of angels from the level of their emotions, others from the level of their intellect, and yet others from the level of their spiritual experience. Creatures of imagination can still serve God’s purpose. And no, those creatures are not angels, although they can attract angels.”


Was there such a place as Atlantis, and if so, when did it exist and where is it now?

“Atlantis exists. Atlantis existed. But it is only one of countless times and places. Properly you should be asking about all of them.”

Okay, show me all of these countless times and places now.

“The smallest is the same as the largest. One individual is as important during their brief lifetime—even during one instant—as the whole of creation for all time.”

You’re showing me that it’s all a matter of scope.

“Whether Atlantis existed or not is not important. What is important is your life from your viewpoint at this instant. Take care of that and you will be taking care of God’s plan.”



Why am I going through such frustrating times right now? Is this some kind of test?

“Everything is a test.”

What is the purpose of this test?

“The purpose is to draw you through experiences needed for learning. When the learning is complete, one moves on.”

What am I learning?

“Dispassion. Equanimity. Self-knowledge. Balance.”

To what end?

“You are strong. You will be stronger. Everything happens for a purpose.”


I am unhappy at the moment, and I want to know how to deal with that. What can you tell me?

“You are unhappy only because you set conditions on your happiness. You would be happy only if certain things happened in a certain way at a certain time. When they didn’t, you were unhappy. You set it up and it was a gamble, because you don’t control the entirety of existence.”

But isn’t it true that I do identify at some level with That which does control the entirety of existence?

“Yes, but that level is separate from action.”

You seem to be saying that what I want to happen won’t happen if it isn’t in harmony with the higher cosmic plan. But sometimes my desires seem thwarted not by a higher consciousness but by a lower consciousness.

“There is in fact and at the base only one consciousness and it may dress in many guises when it presents itself in your particular life.”

So how can I never suffer?

“Don’t inflict, invite, or accept suffering for yourself.”



October 12, 2002

So. I am answering your summons. Usually I call on you. What is your message?

“Look inside.”

What am I supposed to look for?

“Your world.”

What is this about?

“You have distracted yourself from your mission.”

What is my mission?


What is this about?

“Tell us.”

Tell you what?

“Declare your mission.”

My mission is the enlightenment and transformation of the people with whom I come into contact.

“What is your mission over the centuries?”

To come home to my own total enlightenment.

“Are you with us?”

You have said that I am never without you. What is this about?

“It is time for you to commit.”

Okay, you know I’m willing.

“We don’t mean from a layered-on team spirit or living up to expectations or soldiering attitude. We mean YOU.”



You might think that you desire enlightenment. Actually, enlightenment desires you. When you are pushing toward it, you are misperceiving. It is actually pulling you. You don’t obtain enlightenment. Only God obtains enlightenment. You don’t become God. God becomes you. Then it is God who is living your life, thinking your thoughts, feeling your feelings, etc.


At first I felt re-born, and as a newborn a little unsteady on my feet. Even now, I am still astonished at my new functioning. Sometimes I tell people that I am starting to get used to it. But years have passed and I am still only starting.

It’s like having the old information but with a new processing system.

I have new ways of laughing.

I can do the same thing over and over again and it’s just as fresh and beautiful as the first time.

I don’t worry about things. Nothing is a strain. If I am hurrying to do something, I don’t feel rushed and pressured.

I experience overflowing feelings of warmth, love, appreciation, gratitude, and acceptance towards other people.

I don’t have to fit in anywhere. Everything fits into me.

I’m more honest and open. I say things that I would have hidden before. And not that I used to be anything of a liar, but now it is nearly impossible not to speak the truth.

I used to “sense out” people when I looked at them. Each person had a different mood and vibe. I was reading their life agenda and checking out the games they were playing. Now everybody looks and feels the same to me—wonderful.

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