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God In Disguise

namaste1The greeting, “Namaste” has been translated as “I bow to the God within you.”

When you use this salutation, you are acknowledging that there is Divinity in another person.

In disguise.

The disguise is individuality. Individuality comes from being separate from others, and from being incomplete and unbalanced in traits–some in the foreground, others in the background.

Universal God, by contrast, is Being connected with everything, and is complete and balanced in a state of totality. Accordingly, that is what is disguised beneath someone’s individuality.

It’s easy to see another person as God in disguise when that person is beloved by you.

But then there’s the irritating store clerk.

And the coworker who antagonizes you.

And the slow poke driving in front of you.

When you feel irritated, antagonized, and frustrated, how can you deal with it?

A quick reminder to yourself can help: that person is God in disguise.

Try it next time.

Lifting the disguise changes the complexion of things. It reveals the true Identity, instead of the role being acted in this particular circumstance. And it allows you to sense a compassionate link with the other person, even under challenging conditions.

Answers From Silence says, “You must bless everyone.” And, “I used to ‘sense out’ people when I looked at them. Each person had a different mood and vibe. Now everybody looks and feels the same to me—wonderful.”

But what about people who do truly bad things? How can they be God in disguise?

It can be that the disguise believes in itself and forgets true Identity. And there are degrees of forgetting, even to extremes.

But at the base of all experiencing, pure consciousness is pure consciousness. After that come all of the other levels of consciousness. Even the most forgetful of those couldn’t exist without the foundation of pure consciousness.

mask4A more developed translation of “Namaste” is, “The God in me bows to the God in you.” Which is to say, God is in both places.

Yes, there is one more person who has forgotten true Identity, whose disguise you should lift in order to recognize God.



Author Jeffrey Chappell Interviewed At The Library...

On July 22, 2014, Jeffrey Chappell was interviewed by Grace Cavalieri at the Library of Congress for her radio program, “The Poet and The Poem”. The event included Jeffrey reading excerpts from “Answers From Silence”, his groundbreaking international bestseller about spiritual enlightenment. The interview will be broadcast on National Public Radio stations throughout the United States for an indefinite period of time.

GraceCavalieriAround the same time, Jeffrey was also interviewed by Reverend Patricia Brooks, Kristi Borst, and Rose Rosetree. You can find descriptions of these events and links to them at this website on the “Video” page.


Jeffrey Chappell interviewed on Contact Talk Radio...

0031(3)I was interviewed on internet radio about “Answers From Silence”, my bestselling book about spirituality, on Monday, July 7, 2014. My host was Reverend Patricia Brooks and we had an hour of enlightening conversation on her show “Spiritual Lens”. The topic was “Why On Our Quest For Spiritual Truth We Have Got It All Backwards!” You can hear the interview at iTunes by clicking on “View in iTunes” next to the 7/7/14 broadcast date.



Jeffrey Chappell interviewed on Transformational T...

KristiBorst-HostI was invited to talk on internet radio about “Answers From Silence”, my book about spirituality, on Tuesday, June 3, 2014. I joined host Kristi Borst for nearly an hour of enlightening conversation. Here is the replay of the interview.

Please also check out Kristi’s website for more details about her work as an intuitive energy healer, artist, and radio host.


Answers From Silence Becomes An International Best...

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Answers From Silence reached bestseller rankings in Kindle and paperback in the United States, as well as Number One ranking on Kindle in Canada, Number One ranking in France, and bestseller rankings in Italy and the United Kingdom.

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